The usability of iPad-mini in contrasting to the iPad

Smaller size of the iPad-mini doesn’t reduce its capabilities as it contains almost same features as the iPad. Purchase of mini-iPad can turn out to be a good decision, as it is a not expensive device than the full sized version. Retina Display is missing in mini-iPad & it has a processor which is relatively slower, but it still creates an experience that meets that of the original  iPad(10 inch).


Reason why iPad mini is going to become a popular choice is:

  • Because its easier to carry around due to its reduced size and lighter in terms of weight.
  • It can easily fit into side of a backpack or in a lady’s bag .
  • Can be held easily and can be used with one hand, which leaves 1 hand free, making it possible for you to multi-task.
  • Smaller tablet is good at consuming media and you can access i-Books to get access to a variety of books.
  • Watching movie is a good experience on the iPadmini.
  • It also supports the feature of syncing items from your PC to your i-Pad, so you can get access to the media without storing it on your i-Pad.

Another nice feature of this gadget is that it supports all of the popular apps that have been built for the i-Pad. Size is adequate to make Appsa fantastic experience. The graphics don’t feel cramped-up like they sometimes do on the i-Pod-Touch or the i-Phone. The high 1024*768 resolution results in great graphics, improving the overall gaming and UX experience.

Another reason why the i-Pad mini is going to become popular is that in this technological era, a single i-Pad may not be sufficient for 1 family as everyone wish to use it. Getting the mini version of the i-Pad for the kids can be a decent addition without denting your pocket too much. This means, you can get to work on your i-Pad while your kids play their favorite games on the i-Pad mini.


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