Yoga Asana: Padmasana (Kamalasana)

Padmasana (Kamalasana)

What is Padmasana?
‘Padma’ and ‘Kamala’ means lotus. The position resembles a lotus, a very calm, peaceful and holy symbol. The Hindu God, Lord Shiva and the founder of Buddhism, Emperor Gautam Buddha are usually depicted in this posture. This is a basic posture on which many other asanas are based. This is also one of the postures for meditation and many other breathing exercises in yoga.



Steps to follow (Padmasana) :

  1. Sit on the ground by spreading the legs forward.
  2. Place the right foot on the left thigh and the left foot on the right thigh.
  3. Place the hands on the knee joints.
  4. Keep the body, back and head erect.
  5. Eyes should be closed.
  6. One can do Pranayama in this asana.


  • It helps in improving concentration.
  • It helps to preserve vital fluids in the body.
  • It prevents abdominal diseases and female disorders connected with the reproductive organs.
  • It brings peace, solitude and longevity to the practitioner.


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