There are many Mother and Child Care Institutes, Nursing Homes, Hospitals in Mumbai. Child Care is a very small and a narrow term by anyone other than a parent. Basically, there are two types of child care: Individual and Group.


  • Individual providers care for only your child or children. The provider may be any individual person, a family member or friend, a nanny or a babysitter.
  • Group providers care for everyone’s child/children and not only their own child. Such Group providers can be named as Nursing homes, Child Care Institutes, Centers or Hospitals.

Choosing a Child Care Hospital, Centre or Institute is a very scary and a critical job as it is a matter of high concern, if seen from a parent’s point of view. On the birth of a child, in a case where the child is to be born premature or before his expected time, it’s a matter of highest risk and concern to choose such a hospital or nursing home wherein highest care would be taken of the child with much higher responsibility.


While choosing such a center, some basic points are to taken care of and cross-checked which are as follows:

  1. Care: The Centre/hospital should be one wherein the Child would receive care from the doctors and nurses who would be handling the child. The staff should be kind with the child/children.
  2. Reliable and Safe: The Centre/Hospital should be a licensed with the respective state and should have the Registration Certificate with respect to the same. One should make sure that all the care providers know how to handle emergencies and are trained in first aid. The Staff and the Centre should be reliable to be trusted upon.
  3. References: get the names of people one can talk about and check for references for the Child Care Institute/Hospital one is looking for or have much heard of.
  4. Affordable: Of course, the Centre should be affordable and reasonable in respect of the prices and rates, it charges.
  5. Convenient: As there will be constant and continuous visits to the Centre for the parents and relatives, it should be convenient to travel and reach in case of emergencies, if any. That is to say that the Centre should not be far off from one’s residence that half of the time goes in traveling.

There are many such Institutes/Centres in Mumbai taking care of Pediatric Section namely Surya Children’s Hospital (Santacruz W), Shree Krishna Anushree Child Care Hospital (Malad W), The Children’s Hospital (Malad W), Nanavati Hospital (Vile Parle W), Lilavati Hospital (Bandra W).

Neonatology is a subspecialty of pediatrics that consists of the medical care of newborn infants (first 28 days of life is called neonatal period), especially the ill or premature newborn infant. It is a hospital based speciality and is usually practiced in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) Out of these, Surya Children’s Hospital situated at Sanatcruz west was the first NICU (Level 3) in private sector in city of Mumbai. Over a period of 30 years, Surya Children’s Hospital has increased its NICU bed strength to 65. “Today Surya Children’s Hospital is the largest and one of the best equipped Level 3 NICUs in the country.” It was the first hospital to introduce concept of neonatal ambulance (NICU on wheels), completely equipped with all equipment including incubator, ventilator, dry chemistry analyses etc & a dedicated neonatal transport team. Also, it has started Maternity Services under the name “Surya Child Care” on February 09, 2014 which was inaugurated by Shree Amitabh Bachchan, which will also take care of high risk maternity along with the Child Care.

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