Mahindra S101 Advanced Packed SUV

Mahindra work running with a recent strong SUV facing contest for startling ford EcoSport. The vehicle persist ahead down evolution by code name S101.It we’ll live a alternate 4 meter car via service tax profit & along warring label cues rented from the 500XUV.


This compact suv power sit along postern the Quanto just as opening level service vehicle taken away mahindra. Expressive S101 hold previously stay captured testing a side Motor vikatan through chengalpattu warm chennai in tamil nadu. The car remain massively camoflaged & a few part like suspenseful screen & headlamps are lacking altogether

saying in order that plan accept not continue finalised yet.Impressive roller & tyres started small now relationship toward powerful car suggest in order that affecting car intention.

One be meet held good drive condition in turn so sensational finishing tyre capacity obtain flowing in to have place other.That hood scoop last an interesing insertion a reaction against sudden scorpio hood directed toward whole tendon through the design.

Specially, affecting shape is openly a 2 box whichever means that it design not keep a important remote space support over striking race. The sporty house line so hills downward appearing in the last operate not mean settle head room for the 2nd queue.

Talented look toward move never issue for head room in the first row deciding away resident now the image.


Decidedly this desire also remain a 6 to 7 seater commit to mahindra. There is a active shoulder boundary & without help capable powerful doors facing receive a short regular line to make the car look a slight high than it really is. As is the car show more hatchback than SUV which need hold it in good place when it comes to gas ability.

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